I'm Back

on 15 November 2012
selamat sore menjelang maghrib. udah berapa lama ya gue ga update blog ini hihihi udah lama bgt ya. dan selama itu udah banyak bgt kisah yg terjadi pada diri gue.

hmm lets begin with my love story about FH
well, to be honest, he had been my past boyfriend. i dont want to talk about him.

but now i've new love. the sweetest, the longest, the strongest love ever !
he is one of boy in another class. we never talked before but suddenly he was texting me while i was with FH. WAIT !! I didnt break up with FH because of him !!
Let me call him as A, okay ?
A is very very really nice. he always understands my conditions. we're already 3 months <3

i dont want to talk about it more. just let it be a secret ;)

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