on 29 Januari 2012
happy new year !! sorry im late :p
im too busy to posting. just kidding. the fact is im lazy hehehe..

well, i think i have something to post but i forgot -_-
geez, i think i will just post about my daily life. but there's nothing special.
so what will i post ? idk :(

how about my love life ? hmm.. there's a little different about that. I will tell you with japanese too, okay ?

KR あきらめて !!  理由を ? wakaranai kedo yokata desu, ne ? watashi wa 嬉しい . watashi wa henki desu. ya know ? kkkk ~

what's about senpai ? well, nothing's changed. I don't even know his name because I didn't find his facebook. dakara, 彼の名前は何ですか?HUH !!

eeetooo... A wa ? は彼大嫌い  dakara, 私は彼について教えてほしくない
K mo !

are you understand what I say ? kkk ~

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